I have always viewed Alberta as a place to thrive. A place you could take a risk, and work at an endeavour until you succeeded. Albertans have an entrepreneurial spirit and consistently demonstrate a drive to innovate, adapt and prevail through our ups and downs. I am proud to be a part of the culture that lifts each other and comes together when we are in need, whether it be flood, fire or anything in between.

By introducing publicly unsupported policy, increasing taxes on consumers without restraint and implementing changes in many industries without consultation, the current government has proven to be invasive, dampening that Alberta spirit. Instead of people opening businesses and pursuing dreams, they are downsizing or closing their doors. Parents too, have been sidelined when it comes to their children's education and care. The accumulating, crippling debt is sinking our provinces’ credit rating and is jeopardizing our children's future. We must find our way back to prosperity.

I believe the United Conservative Party is the party to lead Alberta back to prosperity, by;

  • creating a positive economic environment where we can achieve prosperity for all through fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets.
  • respect the hard-earned tax dollars of Albertans, and truly live within its financial means like Alberta Families are compelled to do.
  • building bridges of trust through consultation on issues with all stakeholders. This is essential in repairing damaged relationships and achieving the right balance.