Why We Support Mauri

"I had the opportunity to serve very closely with Mauri as a youth leader when she was serving as president over a young women's organization. It was a privilege to learn from her as she taught and encouraged these young girls. She taught the youth lessons of honesty, integrity and the joy of selfless service as strongly with her example as she did with her words. Mauri is such a genuine and sincere person who truly cares about the needs of those she serves."

- Jessi Olsen
Mother of 4 - Airdrie, Alberta

"I worked with Mauri many years ago and we have stayed strong friends every since. I have had many co-workers and I can honestly say Mauri was the best colleague of the bunch and I’ve had great colleagues. She is supportive, principled, not afraid to give her opinion, will always consider yours, and is always there for you in a pinch. Most importantly, she is trustworthy. If Mauri says she is going to do something, she does it and she does it well! I am amazed and a little bit in awe of her drive and capacity to give back to her community and help it become the best place it can be."

- Laurien Abel
Communications Specialist - Calgary, Alberta

"My wife and I were looking for a completely trust worthy and straight forward realtor for our first home purchase 8 years ago. Through a coworker's recommendation we were introduced to Mauri. She was completely accommodating, respectful, and gave advice when needed based by facts about real estate in our area. With all our crazy demands she more than exceeded our expectations and through the process became a great friend to our family. Personally, I think she's the best in the real estate business and will excel in any profession."

- Charles & Colleen Bambrough
Firefighter & Teacher - Calgary, Alberta

"Mauri is a hard-working, genuine woman of integrity. I have been fortunate to participate in Mentor Group that Mauri leads, sharing her knowledge and experience in the real estate industry. Mauri challenges and inspires each of the women professionally and personally. I have a great deal of respect for the way Mauri approaches her business leading with her client first approach. I believe these qualities will serve her well as MLA in the Airdrie-Cochrane Riding."

- Shannon DeRosa
Mortgage Broker - Airdrie, Alberta

"Mauri has been an asset to our brokerage in many ways. She consistently is among the top producers of our company, but that is not the only measure of her success. She has won mentorship awards for giving back to the industry, as well as a Patron award for her philanthropic donations in the community. Mauri has demonstrated through her decade of being with our brokerage her unwavering commitment to act in the most honest and ethical standard and always advocates for her clients needs. I have no hesitation supporting Mauri in her endeavor to run for MLA and believe she will serve her constituents in the same ethical manner."

- David Anderson
Northeast Office Manager Broker Delegate CIR Realty

"Mauri Stiff and I worked together as leaders for youth aged girls for about 15 months. During that time, I came to see Mauri as an exemplar of service, selflessness, loyalty, devotion and determination. As busy as she is, she made service to “our girls” a priority by not only engaging with them weekly, but by making special efforts to know them personally as well as incorporating their lives into hers. The degree of service she offers to others, and not simply to those she is assigned or obligated to, demonstrates the devotion and selflessness she embodies. Her determination to succeed, and to help others to do so, is reflected in her ability to coach people to reach their goals and make others feel comfortable in stressful situations. Mauri is a good friend, a great example, and an excellent leader. "

- Marylou Layton
Teacher - Airdrie, Alberta

"Having worked for Mauri , over the years I've gotten to know her well. One of the things I like the most about her is her ability to listen. She takes the time to listen. Doesn't matter how busy, she is always ready to help."

- Darlene Langlois
Cochrane, Alberta

"My wife and I had such a pleasant experience working with Mauri to find the house that was right for us. Some things that I appreciated as her client were her ability to listen to what we wanted and execute it with precision. We sat down with her and she listened carefully to our concerns and what we were looking for. She clearly understood all of our needs and searched for exactly that. She was patient and never pressured us to settle for something that didn't fit our vision, it was always about what we wanted. In the process of buying the home I also saw how good of a negotiator she was, she researched and was well prepared with all the facts on this home and was able to negotiate the seller down a considerable amount on their asking price. I am convinced that she got us a better deal than almost anybody could have gotten us."

- Spencer & Emmy Hudson
Recreation Leader & Registered Nurse - Calgary, Alberta

"I had the pleasure of working with Mauri on the sale of our last home. I found her to be forthright, hard working, and accountable. She was dedicated to ensuring that our process was favorable and has a gift for negotiations. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is interested in having an authentic leader on their team. Mauri will work hard to help you identify and move forward with your vision."

- Sheila Ross
Special Needs Assistant - Airdrie, Alberta

"I have worked with and known Mauri (and Trevor) for many years as she served her church and her community. I have watched her children grow up to be fine young adults. Mauri has served in various capacities within our youth program working with members of our church and others within the community. Mauri would organize and follow through with exactness countless activities for the youth meant to build their confidence and instill in them a love of community through service. Through this service she has developed lasting relationships with those youth, many charitable and service organizations. Mauri followed through on her commitment to be there for the youth, the youth trusted her, and their parents could count on her at every turn. She focused on their growth and development as responsible young adults, and made it her mission to be the one that would make a difference in their lives. She has made that difference. Mauri continues to serve tirelessly in her church and the community in which she lives, when she sets her mind on a task, it happens!!"

- Ron Tomasta
Bishop, Airdrie East Lake Ward

"Over the past two months I have had the pleasure of working closely with Mauri Stiff on a major event. Not only is she affable and capable, Mauri is genuine, sincere, an excellent orator, writer, and thinker, and I am honored to call her friend. When Mauri believes in a task, she assumes full responsibility and works diligently both independently and as an effective team player. I am backing Mauri 100% for the office of Member of the Legislative Assembly and will be confident that she will support her constituents and will be fully committed to them in every way. "

- Diana Pettit
Airdrie Constituency Association VP Fundraising